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Meggitt Sensing Systems designs and manufactures complete condition monitoring and vibration monitoring and measurement solutions. Our comprehensive, high-quality range of transducers, sensors, cabling, electronics, software and associated hardware gives you total solutions for monitoring and protecting your critical machines and processes. Our Vibro-Meter® products include vibration sensors, dynamic pressure sensors, proximity sensors, air-gap sensors, expansion probes, ice-detection sensors, VM600 rack based systems, VibroSmart® and VibroSight® systems and more.

Air Gap Measurement

What, why, and how   Hydro turbine-generators represent a mix of conventional radial vibration, thrust, and phase trigger measurements along with several measurements that are generally unique to hydro. In this article, we explore one such measurement – air gap – explaining what this measurement is, how it is made, and why it is important. […]

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