Sensing and monitoring for unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Operators of unmanned aircraft need to guarantee reliability, safety and efficiency of the systems

Our sensing and monitoring solutions improve unmanned aircraft vehicle reliability, enabling personnel to enhance safety, increase aircraft efficiency and optimise performance. With over 60' years experience in developing sensors and electronics for airborne vibration and condition monitoring systems, Meggitt's products provide maintenance staff with the most advanced picture on vehicle health ever achieved.

Fault diagnosis and prognosis and structural health monitoring are detected by Meggitt's condition-monitoring solutions for UAS. By detecting serious problems at an early stage, our systems enable technical personnel to perform maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Our systems collect data and signals that are processed and stored on board, then transmitted to the airborne avionics or ground system. The propeller unbalance detection data processed is used by UAS manufacturers to support the maintenance operations on the propeller. A rotor trim balancing option can be provided with our electronic units for UAS applications. The propeller balancing system developed by Meggitt is based on our latest AGILE modular solution.

Meggitt's sensing and data acquisition capability combines sensing excellence, processing know-how, skilled manufacturing and proven integration experience. We measure virtually every parameter - acceleration, speed, pressure, force, temperature, distance, position, vibration and level - performing in almost unimaginable extremes of heat and vibration. We design and manufacture high-end transducer systems for rotorcraft applications, which are qualified for engines and UAS vibration analysis. Our systems include piezoelectric accelerometers, cables and charge converters.

For decades, aircraft manufacturers have used Meggitt sensing and monitoring solutions to detect faults, prevent damage and avoid costly repairs. Talk to us about how we can assist you too.

Typical monitoring solutions for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) applications:

  • Airframe structure vibration analysis
  • Gearbox and bearing analysis
  • Propeller balancing. Stored data allow the balancing algorithm to propose new weight configuration to the maintenance personnel.
  • Propeller rotational speed
  • Oil debris monitoring
  • Engine usage, health monitoring and diagnostics functions and the recording of engine parameters in the case of events
  • Data and signals collected by the monitoring unit transmitted to the airborne avionics or ground system
  • Providing diagnostics and/or prognostics of the most critical components

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