Vibration monitoring for regional aircraft

Improving aircraft reliability is a top priority for regional aircraft operators

With over 60 years’ experience in developing sensors and electronics for airborne vibration monitoring and condition monitoring systems for regional aircraft, Meggitt’s products provide the flight crew and maintenance staff with the most advanced picture on aircraft health ever achieved. Condition-based maintenance enables maintenance personnel to enhance safety, increase aircraft efficiency and minimise downtime. Our sensing and monitoring solutions improve aircraft reliability.

Meggitt’s sensing and data acquisition capability combines sensing excellence, processing know-how, skilled manufacturing and proven integration experience. We can measure virtually every parameter ˗̵ acceleration, speed, pressure, force, temperature, distance, position, vibration and level ˗̵ performing in almost unimaginable extremes of heat and vibration.

By detecting serious problems at an early stage, our systems enable technical personnel to perform maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Our condition monitoring systems collect data and signals that are processed and stored on board, then transmitted to the airborne avionics or ground system. The propeller unbalance detection data processed is used by aircraft manufacturers to support the maintenance operations on the propeller.

Meggitt’s engine vibration monitoring units (EVMU) acquire engine vibration data for efficient post-flight calculation and implementation of cold fan trim balancing with minimal disruption and reducing costs. Using our engine health/condition monitoring units (EMU), in addition to vibration monitoring, engine monitoring can provide additional sensor inputs, including pressure, temperature, strain gauge, fuel meter, oil debris and oil level.

For decades, aircraft manufacturers have used Meggitt sensing and monitoring solutions to detect faults, prevent damage and avoid costly repairs.

Typical monitoring solutions for regional aircraft applications

  • Gas turbine engine monitoring
  • Airframe structure vibration analysis
  • Gearbox and bearing analysis
  • Auxiliary power unit monitoring
  • Combustion optimisation in gas turbines
  • Monitoring of combustion chamber rumble
  • Monitoring of jet pipe screech/buzz
  • Engine usage, health monitoring and diagnostics functions and the recording of engine parameters in the case of events
  • Oil debris monitoring
  • Propeller balancing for turboprop aircraft
  • Balance the engines based on data acquired in-flight using our integrated engine vibration monitoring (IEVM)

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