Ground support software (GSS)

Ground support software (GSS) analyses the data from the on-board condition monitoring equipment. It includes modules for equipment configuration and component maintenance as well as balancing recommendations.


Better analysis, wider detection, increased reliability

GSS is used for on-ground analysis of recorded maintenance data, to detect incipient defects in major aircraft, helicopter and UAS components, and to increase reliability of equipment by minimising airframe vibration.

The GSS includes configuration and maintenance software in the electronics unit (eVPU, DAPU, DMAU, AGILE) and rotor and trim balance software. This function is included on HUMS capabilities for helicopters.

For HUMS applications, the GSS main functions are:

  • Replay flight data
  • Record routine maintenance
  • Enter component change: engine, transmission or rotor adjustments
  • Print download log
  • Test functions: accelerometers
  • Configuration.

For propeller balancing applications, the GSS main functions are:

  • Update propeller balancing computation unit
  • Display current balancing weight configuration
  • Calculate new balancing configuration
  • Track balancing history and trends

Features and benefits

  • Developed to allow the downloading of the data acquired during the flights
  • Easy-to-use modular software
  • Component replacement on the basis of condition and usage instead of on hours in service
  • Reducing unnecessary maintenance cost
  • GSS provides a rotor track and balance function: downloading the data, processing via rotor balance and reviewing
  • Preflight procedures for GSS: system write configuration data and the entire system vibration datum to the card
  • GSS is used to view all vibration, track, diagnostics and trended data


Our ground support software (GSS) is ideal for the following applications:

  • Helicopters – for the on-ground analysis of maintenance data recorded by on-board HUMS
  • Rotor and trim balance software for helicopters, regional aircraft, civil aircraft and UAS.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a sensing and monitoring solution that is specific to your aerospace application and can be further customised to your particular requirements. To discuss what you need in more detail, contact us.

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