Oil debris monitoring

Chip detector system to warn of impending failure of bearings and gears.

Helping prevent system failure or unscheduled downtime

Debris in the lubricating system resulting from component damages can cause irreversible system failure (e.g. of the gearbox or engine), which generates high costs to the operators.

Meggitt’s oil debris monitoring system, made of strategically located magnetic chip detectors in the oil system and a monitoring and power unit called the Chip Detector Power Unit CDPU), detects metallic particles in the lubricating oil. The system either burns the metallic parts, with or without a pilot command, or alerts the crew by illuminating a light in the cockpit for further investigations on the ground.

Our oil debris monitoring systems are widely used on gas turbine engines and various fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft gearboxes to prevent system failure or unscheduled downtime.

Features and benefits

  • No tools are needed to inspect and remove debris
  • Strong magnet integrity providing high ferrous capture efficiency and significant retention strength
  • Flow directional screens to improve capture efficiency
  • Increasing chip burning pulse power, allowing to differentiate average chip size
  • Temperature switch integrated in chip detector self-closing valve to halt “fuzzburn” operation if the gearbox oil temperature rises above a pre-set limit
  • Axial design that improves capture efficiency and ease of chip removal
  • Reduces or eliminates nuisance indications


Our oil debris monitoring system is ideal for these applications:

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a sensing and monitoring solution that is specific to your aerospace application and can be further customized to your particular requirements. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.

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