About us

Preferred partner for innovative and high quality monitoring solutions

Meggitt Sensing Systems Switzerland (MSS Switzerland) leads the market in sensing and monitoring solutions, specialising in smart engineering for extreme environments. Our 60+ years of sensor and system expertise means our solutions are trusted by original equipment manufacturers around the world.

MSS Switzerland was founded as Vibro-Meter® back in 1952. This became a Meggitt company in 1998 and in 2006 was integrated into the Meggitt Sensing Systems division.

Learn more on MSS Switzerland and our proud tradition of innovation and excellence.

Why MSS Switzerland

Parent company – Meggitt PLC

Vibro-Meter’s proud tradition of innovation and excellence in monitoring and sensing systems

Why MSS Switzerland

For over 60 years, customers have trusted MSS Switzerland for our high standards. Here is what we can offer you:

  • Complete solutions – designing and manufacturing the whole measurement chain from sensors to electronics and software
  • Engineering capabilities – developing high quality solutions that respond to your precise requirements
  • Innovation – continuously developing new technologies to help our customers stay competitive
  • Quality and reliability – our quality policy applies to everything we undertake. We offer you quality assurance on engineering, software, standardisation, the calibration of equipment, qualification tests and certification
  • Peace of mind – Meggitt products meet your highest standards (link to quality page), and those set by the regulatory authorities
  • Environmental awareness – our technologies contribute to a reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and NOx.

Keeping machinery working safely and reliably around the globe

  • Our integrated systems are chosen to monitor thousands of rotating machines worldwide, including:
    • The largest steam turbine (1800 MW)
    • The most powerful gas turbine (530 MW)
    • The three largest hydropower plant installations.
  • Our aerospace sensing and monitoring systems are used by the leading aerospace manufacturers and operators around the world.
  • Our sensing capabilities are widely used in the space industry thanks to their high reliability in extreme conditions.

About the division – Meggitt Sensing Systems

Meggitt Sensing Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of high performance, extreme environment sensing, monitoring, power and motion systems. The division’s capabilities include sensors and machinery monitoring, avionics displays, inertial sensors, ignition systems, motion and position sensors, performance sensing and power systems –measuring virtually every physical parameter. The division also includes other well-known brand names, such as Endevco®, Ferroperm™ Piezoceramics and Sensorex.

Parent company – Meggitt PLC

Headquartered in the UK, Meggitt PLC is an international engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets. It consists of five operating divisions:

  • Meggitt Sensing Systems
  • Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems
  • Meggitt Control Systems
  • Meggitt Equipment Group
  • Meggitt Polymers & Composites.

By cooperating both within and across divisions, we can provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for any new programme.

Vibro-Meter’s proud tradition of innovation and excellence in monitoring and sensing systems

Vibro-Meter® has had a focus on innovation since the earliest days. Here are just some of the key advances we are proud to have developed since 1952.

1950s – Laying the foundation

Vibro-Meter® SA, Switzerland founded by Dr A Merkle and two partners
Product portfolio focused – included sensors, electronic equipment and special measuring equipment.

1960s – Transitional decade

Consolidated the company’s involvement in the industrial field and its entry into the aerospace sector
Piezo-electronic accelerometers and pressure sensors for aircraft engines and energy turbines introduced
Vibration sensors designed to be used for very high temperature measurement up to 800oC
Vibro-Meter® made its first step into the American aviation market with the distribution of Airborne Vibration Monitoring Systems in the USA.

1970s –-Building the aviation business

Product range falls into three broad categories – transducers, signal conditioners and indicators. The practical applications are almost unlimited but the aviation, industrial and laboratory categories stand out
Company’s equipment flying on 10 different types of engine, on 12 different aircraft types and on 2 types of helicopter
Systems were developed using digital, as opposed to analogue, techniques
Modular, rack-based PERMODULE system for industrial monitoring introduced. It was adapted for test bed monitoring of reactors at the start of the 1980s.

1980s – consolidation of the companies

This decade saw further expansion of the Fribourg headquarters
American market consolidated through the purchase of companies in the USA
Investment in the helicopter and space and nuclear businesses, further to a forecast that limited the potential increase of vibration monitoring systems for aircraft
Ice detection system developed using the piezoelectric effect
First digital engine vibration monitoring (EVM) system produced
PERMODULE evolved into the Machinery Monitoring System (MMS) range of rack-based signal processing modules. When used with transducers, it became possible to equip large industrial plants with multi-chain monitoring systems covering many measurement parameters.
At the end of the 1980s, the business was split 32% Laboratory, 23% Machinery Monitoring, 45% Aerospace.

1990s – Strategy redefined

Focus on monitoring the condition of rotating machinery on land, at sea and in the air
CP231 dynamic pressure transducer specifically for use in the extreme conditions in gas turbine combustion chambers produced
Certified to ISO 9000
Dr Merkle sold Vibro-Meter® to the Swiss finance company Elektrowatt (1991). The Gulf war in 1991 lead to a recession and difficult times for the civil aerospace business. 142 of the 540 employees were made redundant in 1993
After 40 years, Dr Merkle retired (1992)
Vibro-Meter® owned by Elektrowatt AG (1991-1996)
Vibro-Meter® owned by Siemens (1997-1998)
Vibro-Meter® purchased by Meggitt PLC (1998). This decision lead to a financial rebirth of Vibro-Meter®
High Resolution Standard Proximity Sensor (HRSPS) launched for space applications – capable of measuring with nanometric resolution
Invested in the fluid monitoring business.

2000s – More exciting developments

Instrumentation division sold to Magtrol Inc
VM600 rack-based machinery monitoring system for rotating machinery launched. This system evolved from the PERMODULE and MMS systems
Awarded the Innovation Prize 2001 by the Canton of Fribourg in recognition of the benefits of the innovation to the local economy and the environment in general
Boeing named Vibro-Meter® ‘Supplier of the Year 2000’ in the ‘Systems & Equipment’ category
Boosters and the Vulcain main engine on Ariane 5 were equipped with revolutionary dynamic pressure transducers type CP231, and associated electronics
Meggitt Sensing Systems division established (2006) – legal identity change to Meggitt SA and trading as Meggitt Sensing Systems Switzerland. The name Vibro-Meter® continues to be used for the product range.

2010s – Staying at the forefront

MSS Switzerland opened its doors to mark its 60th anniversary; welcoming more than 1200 employees (past and present), their relations and friends on 8th September, 2012
Wireless aircraft tyre pressure sensing launched
Health ready and fail safe dynamic pressure sensor designed
Small and light monitoring units for harsh environments added to product portfolio
Prognostic algorithms for condition-based maintenance developed
Complete monitoring measurement chain designed and manufactured
Today, MSS Switzerland offers one source – a single supplier for all sensing and monitoring needs.