Mission, vision and values

At Meggitt Vibro-Meter® Energy, our mission, vision and values bind us together and guide us every day.


Our mission: Enabling fit machines to power the world

We keep the lights on! Meggitt helps energy and power companies to supply their products to millions of people.

When you next turn on a light, watch TV, pick up your phone, take some medicine, refuel or recharge your car, the chances are that the products come from a plant that uses our Vibro-Meter® systems.

Our solutions enable safer and more efficient operation of critical machinery in power plants and oil & gas company assets. They allow protection and accurate condition monitoring, helping to avoid catastrophic failures and enabling cost-effective predictive maintenance. Our services support customers and end-users through their project life-cycles. Failure is not an option.


Our vision: 100% predictability from sensors to decisions

Enabling the Extraordinary. Meggitt engineering solves some of our toughest problems, bringing convenience, safety and security to millions of lives.

Day in, day out, we challenge our thinking to develop the technology that enables the extraordinary to happen, today and tomorrow. We strive to improve our performance every day so business, society and the environment thrive too.

Sustainable and reliable energy supply is critical to providing quality health services, education, transportation and communication. It is essential for improving living standards and economic growth. Our state-of-the-art sensing systems, monitoring solutions, data analytics and services ensure a continuous supply of energy around the world, 24/7.


Our values

Teamwork: Building on trust we are committed to help each other and our customers.

Integrity: We shall be open, honest and transparent to all stakeholders.

Excellence: We keep our commitments and do things right the first time, always looking for improvements.

Customer focus: We always strive to understand our customer needs and will go the extra mile to deliver the best solution.

Entrepreneurship: We take initiative and measurable risk to find innovative and market leading solutions.