Here you will find information about our applications.

Steam Turbines

From sensors covering every steam turbine measurement to centralized or distributed machinery protection systems to powerful condition monitoring software to a broad portfolio of supporting services delivered by deeply experienced professionals, vibro-meter solutions are engineered to ensure you get the most from your steam turbines whether a 150 kW single-stage unit in mechanical drive service or a 1200 MW compound unit in nuclear power generation service.

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Gas Turbines

Meggitt’s vibro-meter product line is standard and preferred by many of the world’s largest suppliers of gas turbines, covering sensors, protection systems, condition monitoring systems, software, and services. Our solutions address not only vibration, but also the combustion dynamics so vital for today’s low-emission designs that operate under metastable conditions. And our offerings address industrial, heavy-duty, and aero-derivative designs along with their driven equipment for truly plant-wide solutions. covering all types of machines.

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Renewable, reliable, inexpensive, and green. Hydropower is an indispensable part of today’s generating portfolio and for more than 70 years, we’ve been at the forefront of this industry, including the specialized low-frequency monitoring needed by massive hydro turbine-generators – whether Francis, Kaplan, or Pelton, and whether pumped-storage, accumulation, run-of-river, or derivational. Our solutions extend beyond the turbine-generator as well, covering spillways, control gates, penstocks, pumps, wicket gates, and more. And, our solutions extend beyond vibration to include overspeed, generator air gap, and more.

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Nuclear Power

A hallmark of vibro-meter’s expertise with sensors is that they are robust – able to endure the harshest conditions. We are also the only manufacturer with the ability to support either voltage-mode or current-mode signal transmission in most of our sensors, affording you more flexibility to address noisy environments and long cable runs. And, our sensor solutions provide the flexibility of industry-standard outputs that allow them to be used with our own monitoring systems as well as others. Because most nuclear plants utilize PWR processes, a majority of the machinery is not in containment conditions and standard sensors can be used. For BWR and applications where the sensors will be exposed to elevated radiation levels, consult the vibro-meter factory for assistance.

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