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Proximity measurement systems as speed sensors

When it comes to the design and specification of an overspeed detection system (ODS), the selection of the correct speed sensors for each specific application is essential in order to achieve an accurate and reliable measurement of the rotational speed and/or acceleration. In every ODS application, particular attention has to be given both to the […]

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Key aspects to consider when selecting an overspeed detection system

According to the API standard 670 for Machinery Protection Systems, an electronic overspeed detection system (ODS) consists of speed sensors, power supplies, output relays, signal processing, and alarm/shutdown/integrity logic. Its function is to continuously measure shaft rotational speed and activate its output relays when an overspeed condition is detected.   API 670 defines multiple requirements […]

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Why an overspeed detection system should always be an isolated layer of protection

An Overspeed Detection System (ODS) has one job and one job only – detect an overspeed event and initiate an emergency trip sequence.

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