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Advanced condition monitoring and machinery protection for hydropower plants

Comprehensive solution to monitor hydropower equipment’s health, from an extensive range of sensors, to the machinery protection system and the condition monitoring software.


Advanced condition monitoring and machinery protection for critical rotating machinery

vibro-meter has one of the widest ranges of sensors for harsh industrial environments and extensive knowledge of the measurements for machinery monitoring.


Sensors and measurement chains for turbomachinery

Wide range of sensors and measurement chains for turbomachinery


SpeedSys300 product handbook

Comprehensive product handbook for vibro-meter's overspeed detection system


VM600Mk2 A second-Generation Architecture for a New Era

Introduced more than 20 years ago, our VM600 machinery protection and condition monitoring platform – by any measure – has had a fantastic run: 8,000 systems, 240,000 protection channels, and 88,000 condition monitoring channels are installed globally. So what do you do when the time has come for a replacement? You make it better – all while maintaining backwards compatibility with the first-generation VM600 platform. Learn more in our informative new whitepaper detailing the all-new VM600Mk2. Improved functionality. Backward compatibility.


Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation guide

With all of the emphasis on gas turbines for power generation, have the fundamentals of monitoring steam turbines been forgotten or overlooked? Test your knowledge of steam turbine monitoring in our comprehensive guide on TSI measurements.



In far less time than it takes to blink your eye, your overspeed protection system needs to act. API 670 specifies a maximum of 40 milliseconds, but in many instances, even that isn’t fast enough for the application at-hand. Enter the SpeedSys300 from vibro-meter. With a 10ms response time, full API-670 compliance, and a host of great features in a diminutive package, your need for speed is fully satisfied in our industry-leading overspeed detection system.


Cable length and attenuation in frequency for vibration measuring chains

Do you know why the length of field wiring when installing sensors is typically limited to 300m or less? And do you know that vibro-meter has an innovative, industry-leading solution that allows you to run up to 1km of field wiring without signal degradation and without intervening amplifiers/repeaters? Learn more in our latest Application Note on this important topic.


Whitepaper on Gas Turbine Monitoring

Gas turbines have unique vibration monitoring requirements that depend on make, model, and whether industrial or aeroderivative. You can learn more about the measurements, the sensors, and the signal processing needs of these machines in an extensive, 34-page white paper we have published, available here:


Support and Services

Support and Services to meet your needs


Replacement of an unreliable Machinery Protection System to address spurious trips

When faced with an increasing number of false trips and false alarms from the installed vibration monitoring system on four steam turbines in their combined cycle plants, AXPO needed a reliable solution from a trusted provider. Learn why they turned to vibro-meter in this case history.


Upgrading Condition Monitoring without Disturbing Existing Protection Systems

When faced with an aging and unsupported condition monitoring system, vibro-meter was selected by India’s leading state-owned power utility for a state-of-the-art solution that allowed them to leave their incumbent turbine supervisory protection systems and transducers undisturbed while reusing existing cabinet space and without requiring a special outage.