Vibration and combustion monitoring for heavy-duty gas turbines

Total vibration monitoring for your gas turbines

Proven around the world, Meggitt machinery protection and condition monitoring systems safeguard assets and employees. They add up to a complete solution that takes care of everything for you, helping you to:

  • Keep your generators running properly
  • Minimise unplanned downtime or costly unexpected repairs
  • Extend generator life, often by several years
  • Gather information for powerful generator protection – from checking oil temperature to shaft alignment

Increase power and efficiency through one vibration rack

Would you benefit from getting more output from your gas turbines? Our combustion monitoring pressure sensors enable you to achieve demonstrable gains in efficiency – and all through your existing vibration rack.

It means no need for extra space to install this facility. Whether you want to enhance combustion dynamics as a retrofit or a new system, we provide a rack for both vibration and combustion monitoring – helping you to maximise the running of your gas turbines. To find out more about the benefits of and uses for combustion monitoring, talk to our team.

Take a look at the high quality Meggitt products that enable you to achieve all this and more.

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Meggitt designs and manufactures the complete measurement chain – sensors and related equipment, hardware and software. Our systems are installed in many of the world’s gas turbine plants. To discuss how our solutions can work for you, email us at, call us on +41 26 407 11 11 or find your local contact.