Hydro turbine protection and condition monitoring

Helping you guard against unplanned downtime and potentially expensive and critical technical issues

Machinery protection, which shuts a unit down automatically in the case of a major failure, is now usually mandatory in hydropower plants. At Meggitt, we can also help you guard against costly, unplanned downtime resulting from an unseen fault. By adding condition monitoring to the solution, any problem inside a hydro turbine or pump is flagged up early, so you can take action before an issue stops your plant operation in its tracks.

Whether you are constructing a new hydro plant or retrofitting an ageing one, investing in a complete machinery protection and condition monitoring solution from Meggitt shows you what lies on the road ahead. As well as highlighting potentially expensive technical problems, our system enables you to optimize efficiency and extend the life of machinery, often by several years.

From sensors to a machinery protection system and condition monitoring software, you can have the convenience of it all in one package from Meggitt. Many turbine manufacturers frequently recommend us as their most-trusted supplier. Our systems monitor all types of hydro turbines and pumps (including Kaplan, Pelton, Francis and variants) for OEMs and end-users.

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Our high quality Vibro-Meter® solutions include a choice of all this and more:

  • The VM600 rack-based system. The high channel density makes it particularly suitable for complex hydro installations.
  • The VibroSmart® distributed monitoring system. The unit is a network of small modules connected together in measurement blocks. They are skid-mounted directly on, or near, the machinery meaning less wiring – cutting installation costs by 30% without compromising performance.
  • The VibroSight® common software platform. This enables your operators to view live and historical data from all sensors and all applications.
  • Proximity probes – with a watertight design that makes them ideal for hydro turbines.
  • Coupling capacitors – that are best in industry (withstanding up to 30 kV for over 1,500 hours).

The VibroSmart® for hydropower product overview provides an overview of hydropower machinery protection and monitoring with VibroSmart®.

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Typical hydro applications include monitoring and maintaining:

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Meggitt designs and manufactures the complete measurement chain – sensors and related equipment, hardware and software. Our systems are installed in many of the world’s hydropower plants. To discuss how our solutions can work for you, email us at energy@ch.meggitt.com, call us on +41 26 407 11 11 or find your local contact.