Industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines

Helping you maximise availability and reliability for your industrial gas turbines and aero derivatives

With the critical importance of keeping your industrial gas turbines running efficiently and safely, day in, day out, you can depend on Meggitt systems for outstanding levels of reliability.

Proven around the world, our total monitoring solutions, including sensors, systems and software, help you minimise costly unexpected repairs and unplanned downtime for your critical machinery. Plus, only Meggitt offers you the convenience of having vibration monitoring and condition monitoring integrated into one powerful solution. It gives you even greater control and helps you achieve longer asset lifetime.

  • You can rely on a high performance from Meggitt vibration and combustion sensors – even at high temperatures. For example, our dynamic pressure sensors and accelerometers offer reliability up to 700°C degrees. Originally designed for the aerospace industry, they are extremely robust and the best in class for safety critical applications.Our machine monitoring systems integrate all protection, condition and combustion monitoring functions in a single system. They are easily expandable and highly configurable, making them very suitable when you need complex logic for machine protection. For instance, we can trigger a protection relay if any of the bearings vibrations exceed a predefined danger level. Alarms and danger levels can be configured in function of speed, load or other machine parameters.
  • Most of our products are certified for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) and comply with API670 and SIL requirements.
  • We have products that are certified by all national authorities including in emerging markets.

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Meggitt designs and manufactures the complete measurement chain – sensors and related equipment, hardware and software. Our systems are installed in many of the world’s gas turbine plants. To discuss how our solutions can work for you, email us at, call us on +41 26 407 11 11 or find your local contact.