Sensors and condition monitoring for steam turbines

Helping you reduce unexpected downtime and increase your machine availability

Steam turbine generators form the heart of the power plant. The steam turbines are subjected to extremely high mechanical forces and thermal variations. The high criticality of this equipment, combined with high stress, puts the steam turbines at risk. Hence the need for proper instrumentation for the entire machine train that can measure different parameters of the machine. These signals from the transducers need to be processed in the most efficient manner so the machine is protected from any abnormal condition.

For decades, Meggitt’s API670 compliant sensors and vibration monitoring systems have been used to monitor the condition of steam turbines and protect them. Our condition monitoring solutions are helping customers to reduce unexpected downtime, increase availability of the machines and implement effective preventive maintenance programmes. Find out how they can help you too.

  • Vibration monitoring: Key indicator of equipment health
  • Condition monitoring: Ensures constant peak performance for all rotating machinery, helps plan repairs, optimise maintenance outages, operate at peak performance, avoid damage, analyse/sustain machine life and reduce maintenance costs

A few of the critical measurements required for steam turbines:

  • Relative shaft vibration
  • Shaft relative vibration, shaft position, shaft expansion
  • Bearing absolute measurement velocity /accelerometer
  • Shaft absolute vibration (calculated)
  • Turbine casing expansion
  • Rotor expansion
  • Differential expansion (calculated)
  • Eccentricity
  • Phase marker
  • Rotor axial position
  • Valve position measurement

Special applications for steam turbines:

When steam turbines operate in cyclic mode, machine stress management becomes much more critical. To help you evaluate the valve stress and LP turbine last stage blades, choose from these Meggitt solutions that use advanced measurement and analytics:

Recommended Vibro-Meter® products for steam turbines:


Meggitt’s VibroSight® condition monitoring software platform provides the ideal tool to manage the critical steam turbines.

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