Natural gas

Gas turbine condition monitoring and machinery protection
– for maximum efficiency and minimised downtime in your natural gas plant

Keep your natural gas plant systems running more effectively and lower the risk of critical machinery failure and costly unscheduled maintenance by choosing Meggitt’s vibro-meter® products – the high-quality vibration monitoring solutions for your power generation.

You will feel more supported with Meggitt’s vibro-meter®

Our systems are used on more than 3000 gas turbines around the globe – including for some of the world’s largest gas turbine manufacturers. Whatever gas turbine monitoring and protection you need for your plant, you can look forward to more powerful solutions that are easier to manage, and allow you to achieve an outstanding level of reliability. Furthermore, from commissioning to training, supervising and checking your installation, reassuring support is built in at every stage.

One source, many practical benefits

  • The convenience of one system from one supplier – only Meggitt systems offer condition monitoring that includes both vibration and combustion monitoring data to help you achieve longer asset lifetime.
  • High performance at high temperatures – our dynamic pressure sensors and accelerometers are proven to offer reliability up to the highest temperatures – up to 1700 (degrees).
  • Longer life the ‘meantime before failure’ (MTBF) on our sensors is greater than 25 years
  • Even more safety features our monitoring systems now include a self-diagnostics capability, to alert you to problems in the measurement chain.
  • High standards – all our products are designed to the highest standards and regulation such as ATEX and API 680 guidelines (the highest safety and environmental standards).
  • Cover all your assets – all the benefits of a Meggitt Vibro-Meter system are also proven to work on your smaller machines for your natural gas power generation including compressors, pumps, motors and fans.

Find your product

Typical natural gas applications include monitoring and maintaining:

  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Balance-of-plant

Recommended vibro-meter® products for natural gas: