Sensors and condition monitoring for nuclear plants

Optimise availability, protect your critical machines and manage your assets with Meggitt

A critical activity at a nuclear power plant is monitoring the equipment condition, looking for early warning signs and identifying abnormalities. Vibration monitoring and condition monitoring of critical nuclear assets helps improve machine reliability and availability, so you can enhance safety and optimize operations.

Plant maintenance and reliability engineers depend on Meggitt sensors and vibration monitoring system to protect the critical machines. Meggitt condition monitoring solution VibroSight® is helping customers to manage their assets by providing a platform to detect the slightest change in the machinery behaviour and identify the root cause.

Meggitt condition monitoring solutions are also helping our customers to reduce unwarranted downtime, increase availability of their machines and implement effective preventive maintenance programs.

  • Vibration analysis – a key predictor of machine health in nuclear power plants
  • Predictive maintenance – maintain safety/uptime, prevent unexpected failure of critical equipment and schedule repairs in a cost-effective way
  • Condition monitoring – operate at peak performance, avoid damage, analyze/sustain machine life and reduce maintenance costs

Some of the critical machines that need a 24/7 protection and management system in a typical nuclear power plant:

Primary circuit (reactor area):Secondary circuit (safe area):
Primary reactor coolant pumpSteam turbine generators
High-pressure injection pumpBoiler feed pumps
Filling pumpCondensate extraction pumps
Containment spray pumpAuxiliary cooling water pump
Nuclear reactor component cooling water pumpCirculating water pumps
Seawater pump
Auxiliary feed water pump

Meggitt vibration monitoring sensors include built-in safeguards for reliable monitoring and consistent, long-term performance in nuclear plant environments. With an MTBF greater than 25 years, our vibration monitoring sensors include the following features to effectively monitor the vibration of rotating machinery at nuclear facilities:

  • Radiation resistant – Up to 25 Mega RADs without degrading original performance
  • IP68 rated
  • ESD protection to ensure survivability
  • CE certification
  • Tested for hermetic sealing

Special applications for nuclear steam turbine generators:

Apart from the regular sensing solutions, we have developed a unique offering for when you want to know the stress level in the valve due to the higher moisture content in the steam. For this, the condition monitoring software processing tools are used along with the high temperature valve casing vibration accelerometer and valve position sensors.

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Typical nuclear applications include monitoring and maintaining:

  • Fans
  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Steam turbines

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