Sensors and condition monitoring for process industries

Proven solutions in even the most extreme environments

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, controlling vibration helps you to achieve the quality of product you need. Meggitt can enable you to enhance the level of control, with a full range of sensors and systems that offer you:

  • High dependability
  • Pinpoint accuracy, in a wide range of conditions
  • Long term reliability
  • High meantime before failure (MTBF)
  • Short meantime between repair (MTBR)

Reliable monitoring in even adverse conditions

In our work with the petrochemical industry, we aim to help you ensure the safety of your personnel and your assets – including in potentially explosive atmospheres (hazardous). All our sensors for this industry are Exi/ATEX, CSA certified. We have built in cutting edge GSO 12x technology – your reassurance that you can achieve excellent measurement in difficult environments, as well as in adverse conditions such as storms.

Sensors that work to the highest temperatures

When you are working with high temperatures, such as those inside chemical reactors, we provide highly reliable vibration and dynamic pressure sensors capable of 620°C (1148oF), 400 gs, 200 bars and more. Once our sensors are installed, you can leave them for continuous operation with no or limited access for years, without reliability issues, as soon as environment conditions are met.

Installations in remote or dangerous locations

We know that it isn’t always possible to install a monitor locally. This is why we developed the unique devices GSI, IQS and IPC to ensure the transportation of the small dynamic signals over long distances: up to several kilometres with several kiloHertz bandwidth. This means you can monitor conveyor belts and systems from a centralised control room without compromising on the signal quality.

Our latest generation systems continue to offer you outstanding capabilities and flexibility, plus high resolution in amplitude, frequency and time, for a wide range of applications. Read about our high quality products below or get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Find your product

Typical process applications include monitoring and maintaining:

  • Motors
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Gearboxes
  • Chemical reactors
  • Process shakers, mixers
  • Conveyors systems

Recommended vibro-meter® products for process industries: