Sensors and condition monitoring for test beds

When testing an engine or turbine in a test cell, measuring the vibration characteristics with high quality measurement equipment is crucial for the proper conduct of the test and reliable test results.

The excellent suitability of MSS equipment for engine test benches is built on two of our core competencies: on-board monitoring on aircraft and the monitoring of gas turbines in power plants.

Our VM600 and VibroSmart systems provide the test bench pilot with a real-time vibration measurement of their engine through a highly reliable solution that is as efficient and secure as it is on airplane.

The systems are particularly well adapted to the work on test benches for three main reasons:

  • ‘One card does all’ – With a single programmable module, they accept any type of vibration sensor and any kind of vibratory signals, acceleration, velocity and displacement.
  • The systems are very easily reprogrammable to modify or create a configuration (filter, scale, integrator, etc.) before or during a test.
  • We offer a very wide range of equipment. For aircraft engines, for example, we operate basic systems for the processing of the two main monitoring sensors as well as the multi-channel data acquisition and analysis systems for all dynamic engine measurements.

Furthermore, as these vibration monitoring systems are specifically designed for industrial turbines, they are therefore more rugged and much more cost effective than products initially designed for laboratories or test cells, and can also be delivered to you faster.

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Typical test bed applications include monitoring and maintaining:

  • Aircraft engines
  • Helicopter engines
  • Auxiliary engines, APU
  • Micro reactors
  • Fans

If you are looking for high performance vibration monitoring for test beds for one of these applications, please get in touch.

Recommended vibro-meter® products for test beds: