Vibration and condition monitoring for water treatment

With the risk of dissatisfied customers and regulatory fines when your plant is down, we understand exactly how critical it is for you to have reliable, available machines at all times. At Meggitt, we provide affordable, dependable 24/7 monitoring for machinery in your water or wastewater treatment plant - for all rotating equipment from gas and steam turbines, pumps, compressors to any rotating balance-of-plant equipment.

With Meggitt, you get everything you need to to help you protect your machines, monitor and optimise performance and minimise costs. We will help you keep your service running smoothly, without unscheduled interruptions and get the most from your machines. This is why our solutions are selected for water and waste treatment plants around the globe.

A high quality protection and monitoring solution

  • Our high quality sensors provide accurate data that enable you to quickly achieve a diagnosis and accurately predict what you need for the next scheduled plant shutdown for smart maintenance or even perform a forced shutdown to protect your asset.
  • You can mine the data from 24/7 monitoring to help you make decisions on the right parts, the right skills, and the right tools for your next scheduled plant shutdown.
  • It includes many advanced features. For example, the unique hot swap feature on our VibroSmart® system means you can simply plug in and play a replacement card. It will automatically download the configuration by itself.
  • We offer you a reassuring level of support. Our service is backed up by local advice, globally available – not just for your country, but in your country too.

Choose Meggitt products for all these benefits and more – they are designed to get to the heart of what you need for your waste and water treatment plants.

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Typical process applications include monitoring and maintaining

  • Fans
  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Steam turbines


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