SIL products

A number of Meggitt Vibro-Meter® products are SIL safety certified, in accordance with IEC 61508 and even ISO 13849, so that they can be used in safety-related applications.

Meggitt Vibro-Meter® products that are designed and certified for use in safety-related applications include:

  • IPC707 signal conditioner (SIL 2)
  • TQ4xx proximity measurement chains (SIL 2)
  • VM600 rack-based machinery protection systems using MPC4 and/or MPC4SIL cards (SIL 1)
  • VM600 rack-based machinery monitoring systems using MPC4 and/or AMC8 cards (SIL 2).

Individual safety certificates are available on relevant product pages (Downloads section) in the Product catalogue, while all safety certificates are available on our Quality page (Safety certificates table). The safety certificates should be referred to for important safety-related information, such as the applicable safety integrity level (SIL x) or performance level (PL x), and any special conditions for safe use.

In addition, the following safety manuals are available from the User manuals section in the LOGIN area of the website (LOGIN required):

The safety manuals should be referred to for important reference information on using the product(s) correctly in safety-related applications, including calculated safety parameters/properties, configurations, operation and maintenance, and other safety issues.

Note: SIL 1 and SIL 2 certified VM600 machinery protection systems have their own separate certifications and safety manuals. In safety-related applications, all instructions and recommendations in the relevant safety manual must be implemented as appropriate by the end user.