Case studies

Meggitt experts bring decades of industry knowledge and expertise to every product we manufacture. Our case studies highlight how Meggitt’s products were used to solve a challenge that a customer was facing. Our team of experts can work with you to help find a solution to industry challenges.

Upgrading a vibration protection system >

Ensuring that our customers use high-quality technology to monitor and protect their critical machinery is our focus. Products from the Meggitt Vibro-Meter® range are interchangeable with your existing systems. Seek advice from our experts to upgrade your existing machinery monitoring system.

Machinery protection and condition monitoring at a hydro power plant >

Meggitt's machinery protection and condition monitoring solution monitors 22 Francis turbines at the hydro-Quebec hydro power plant in Canada

Condition and combustion monitoring of gas turbines >

Meggitt’s machinery monitoring solutions help to monitor and optimise the operation of gas turbines around the world

Air gap and vibration monitoring at a hydro power plant >

Protecting and monitoring Francis turbines and generators at a hydro power plant in Africa with Meggitt's systems