Product overviews

Meggitt experts bring decades of industry knowledge and expertise to every product we manufacture. Our product overviews highlight the benefits and features of our products, and how they benefit you.

IPC707 signal conditioner

An overview of our new signal conditioner with diagnostics (health check) that enables vibration and dynamic pressure measurement chains to automatically and remotely indicate the validity of a measurement.

CE6xx and PV6xx general-purpose vibration sensors

An overview of the wide range of cost-effective vibration sensors from Vibro-Meter® – piezoelectric accelerometers and velocity sensors with voltage and/or current outputs for the monitoring of balance of plant (BOP) equipment such as compressors, gearboxes, motors, pumps and fans, as well as large machinery such as hydro turbines.

VibroSmart® for hydropower

An overview of hydropower machinery protection and monitoring with VibroSmart®.

VibroSight® software

An overview of the VibroSight® software for machinery monitoring – optimise operational efficiency with next-generation condition monitoring and data management.

VibroSmart® distributed monitoring system

An overview of the VibroSmart® distributed monitoring system – ideal for smaller machinery with low channel densities.