Repairs and returns

Energy product return procedure

If a Meggitt Vibro-Meter® Energy product needs to be returned to Meggitt Switzerland, please use the following product return procedure:

  1. Complete and submit online the Energy product return form that is available below (note: * indicates a required field).
    For each Energy product to be returned, a separate Energy product return form must be completed and submitted online.
    When an Energy product return form is submitted online, an acknowledgement email including an Energy product return reference number, will be sent by return to confirm that the product return form was received by Meggitt Switzerland.
    Please use the Energy product return reference number in all future communications regarding your product return.
  2. Complete and include an end-user certificate.
    For each Energy product to be returned, an associated end-user certificate is also required.
    The single-use end-user certificate is recommended for smaller organisations that handle few products and the annual end-user certificate certificate is recommended for larger organisations that handle many products.
    Either end-user certificate can be used to cover multiple products.
  3. Send the Energy product together with printed copies of the acknowledgement email (or emails) and the end-user certificate (or certificates) to Meggitt Switzerland at Meggitt SA, Repairs department, Route de Moncor 4, PO Box 1616, 1701 Fribourg, Switzerland.
    A separate acknowledgement email (printed copy) is required for each product to be returned, although a single end-user certificate (printed copy) can be used for multiple products.
  4. In addition, a purchase order (PO) with a value of CHF 0.00 must also be sent to Meggitt Switzerland, in order to support the initial problem diagnosis.

Note: When an Energy product is returned to Meggitt Switzerland, all product return information is shared with the Customer support (Energy) department of Meggitt Switzerland. So if you have any queries about an Energy product return, please contact Customer support (Energy).


Energy product return form

Contact information

First name:*
Last name:*
Job title:
Email address:*

Product information

Product type:*
Part number (PNR):*
Serial number (SER):

Ex product:
SIL product:*
Meggitt SA purchase order number:
Date of purchase:
Product under warranty
YesNoDon’t know
Site where installed:
End user:

Return information

Reason for return:*
RepairOut-of-box failure
Please answer the following questions:*
Type of failure:
ContinuousIntermittentTemperature dependent
How long was the operating time before failure?
Description of failure:
Please answer the following questions:*
Type of out-of-box failure:
Product damagedIncorrect product configurationIncorrect product deliveredProblem with documentation / labelingProduct dead-on-arrival
Additional information:

Note: Please provide as much information as possible, in order to help with problem diagnosis.

Ex product information (additional information required for Ex products only)

Is the product installed in a hazardous area (potentially explosive atmosphere)?
How long was the operating time before failure?
Additional information:

SIL product information (additional information required for SIL products only)

Is the product installed in a safety-related system?*
Did the system fail** in a safe mode?*
(That is, the safety relay operated but the trip was spurious)
YesNoNot applicable
Did the system fail** in a dangerous state?*
(That is, the failure did not result in the safe state)
YesNoNot applicable
How long was the operating time before failure?
Additional information:

Note: For SIL products used in functional safety contexts/systems, the SIL product information section must be completed.
** A faulty indicator LED is considered as a cosmetic failure.

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