Repairs and returns

Energy product return procedure

All requests for product repair/return should be sent to Meggitt SA, Switzerland:

  • Please complete and submit online the return form below.

When the form has been processed by Meggitt, a return merchandise authorization (RMA) document and an end-user certificate (EUC) will be emailed by return, which typically takes a few days.

  • It is optional to issue a PO to Meggitt SA for every product (may include multiple items / serial numbers).
  • Return the product, together with the signed RMA and EUC, to the address indicated on the RMA.

Do NOT send goods back to Meggitt without an RMA form! All goods returned to Meggitt must be accompanied by a fully completed and signed RMA form.


  • An asterisk (*) in the form below indicates a required field. JavaScript must be enabled (in your web browser) for the form to be displayed and completed correctly.
  • For every product to be returned:
    • A separate form must be submitted online. Although multiple items of the same product (one part number, different serial numbers) can be covered by a single form.
    • An associated single-use EUC must be included, unless an annual EUC is in place for your company. Although multiple items of the same product can be covered by a single RMA and EUC.
  • When a product is returned, all information is sent to our repair center in Switzerland. For any queries about product returns, please send an email to
  • The RMA document contains a unique reference number that should be used in all communications regarding a product return.

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