Vibro-Meter® press releases

Meggitt’s IPC707 signal conditioner replaces the IPC704 in the Vibro-Meter® Energy product line

January 2019: Meggitt is pleased to announce that the IPC707 signal conditioner is replacing the IPC704 signal conditioner in the Vibro-Meter® product line, so that customers can benefit from the improved design characteristics of this new and fully backward compatible product.

In addition to matching or bettering the outstanding measurement specifications of the IPC704, the IPC707 signal conditioner includes the following improvements:

  • New filters as per ISO 2954, independent of transfer gain and input impedance
  • New grounding concept for improved frame-voltage immunity
  • Smaller output impedance for voltage output signal transmission over longer distances
  • Optional diagnostic circuitry (that is, built-in test equipment (BITE)) providing continuous feedback on the health of the measurement chain (sensor, cabling and the IPC707 signal conditioner itself)
  • Suitable for use in functional safety contexts: SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508 and PL c Cat 1 in accordance with ISO 13849
  • New DIN-rail mounting adaptor and removable screw-terminal connectors for easier installation.

For more information, read the IPC707 signal conditioner product overview and/or visit the IPC707 product page on our website. An IPC707 signal conditioner replacement letter (LOGIN required) is also available.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.