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Proximity sensors

Sensor Field Wiring Length Considerations for Hazardous Areas

While it is often acceptable to think of wire as an ideal conductor that simply gets a signal from point A to point B, this is rarely the case for long cable runs. In the real world, appreciable lengths of field wiring will introduce constraints on the signals produced by the sensor and then routed to the monitoring channel.

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Speed sensor selection and installation considerations for trouble-free operation

Consider the consequences of a “missed” overspeed event on a large steam turbine-generator. In less than a second, the machine can accelerate to speeds that liberate blades from the rotor, puncturing the turbine case and creating enormous damage to not just the machine, but surrounding structures, equipment, and personnel.

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Proximity measurement systems as speed sensors

When it comes to the design and specification of an overspeed detection system (ODS), the selection of the correct speed sensors for each specific application is essential in order to achieve an accurate and reliable measurement of the rotational speed and/or acceleration.

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