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Speed sensor selection and installation considerations for trouble-free operation

Selecting the right sensor for overspeed protection, speed indication, and speed control starts with understanding the measurements, understanding the different types of sensors, and understanding application details that can influence measurement integrity. Overspeed: Consider the consequences of a “missed” overspeed event on a large steam turbine-generator. In less than a second, the machine can accelerate […]

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Ten questions to ask when considering your next overspeed system

A machine’s overspeed protection system is one of the single most important pieces of instrumentation in terms of the consequences when it fails to act properly. Whether you are an OEM looking to replace your incumbent supplier, or any end user looking to upgrade your current system, here are ten questions to consider as part […]

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Managing below the alert level

Supplementing your hardware alarms with the right software alarms is a vital part of a condition monitoring approach that “manages by exception”.

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