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Managing below the alert level

Supplementing your hardware alarms with the right software alarms is a vital part of a condition monitoring approach that “manages by exception”.

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Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation – a forgotten art?

Large steam turbines employ a suite of supplementary measurements not found on other types of rotating machines. These measurements are known as Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) and are the focus of vibro’meter’s new “Practical Guide for Understanding Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation”. Whether you are a rotating machinery engineer, reliability specialist, maintenance practitioner, control room operator, or […]

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VM600Mk2 – No Customer Left Behind

When we introduced the VM600 platform 21 years ago, we “broke the mold” by moving away from application-specific modules. The industry paradigm at that time was generally one module for accelerometers, another for velocity sensors, another for proximity sensors, another for thrust, still another for case expansion, yet another for speed, etc. There were even […]

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