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Meggitt introduces next generation distributed monitoring system

Fribourg, Switzerland –– Meggitt, specialists in advanced condition monitoring, has launched the new VibroSmart® distributed monitoring system for turbines, critical machinery and balance-of-plant equipment.

Highly flexible, VibroSmart can be a standalone safety assurance system for vibration-based machinery protection or provide advanced diagnostic tools to inform and support asset management decisions. VibroSmart seamlessly integrates with most plant control systems, such as a PLC or DCS. When combined with VibroSight® condition monitoring software, it enables detailed insights into machinery health.

Unlike traditional rack-based systems, which centralize monitoring in a safe area, VibroSmart is designed and certified to work in harsh industrial environments characterized by explosive atmospheres, high temperatures and high mechanical stress. ATEX Zone 2 (CSA Class I Division 2) certified VibroSmart modules can be skid-mounted directly on the equipment to be monitored, requiring only a few meters of low noise cable from Meggitt’s ATEX-certified proximity probes, accelerometers, and dynamic pressure sensors.

According to Stuart Parker, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, distributed monitoring with VibroSmart presents a significant cost savings for Meggitt’s customers who require the highest level of safety assurance. “Our Ethernet-enabled system costs up to 30% less to install and is priced by the channel, so more assets can be monitored for less capital investment, with no compromise on performance.”

Each two-channel module can operate independently for continuous, online monitoring of smaller critical assets and dispersed balance-of-plant equipment requiring low-channel counts. Multiple modules can be combined to achieve API-standard machinery monitoring functions for turbomachinery and large critical assets. The VibroSight server can communicate with multiple VibroSmart networks.

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