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Air Gap Measurement

What, why, and how   Hydro turbine-generators represent a mix of conventional radial vibration, thrust, and phase trigger measurements along with several measurements that are generally unique to hydro. In this article, we explore one such measurement – air gap – explaining what this measurement is, how it is made, and why it is important. […]

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Steam Turbine Monitoring – An introduction

While gas turbines have risen in importance due to their efficiency and their ability to generate power in a matter of minutes rather than hours, steam turbines retain an indispensable role in the world’s electricity production as well as mechanical drive applications. In this article, we briefly explore the basics of steam turbine monitoring. Many […]

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Four effects you can’t ignore in field wiring

Overview While it is tempting to think of wire as an ideal conductor that simply gets a signal from point A to point B without alteration, this is often not the case – particularly for long cable runs. In the real world, appreciable length of field wiring will introduce its own effects, meaning that the […]

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