Vibration monitoring for space

High-pressure and thermal transients in space present the most demanding conditions for instrumentation

Meggitt’s experience long ago evolved into space applications with the design and manufacture of high reliability instrumentation to monitor space vehicle propulsion systems. State-of-technology measurement chains — parameters including shaft displacement, relative and absolute vibration, rotational speed and dynamic pressure — are the logical further development of systems provided to both military and civil aviation gas turbine manufacturers where Meggitt is considered a market leader. Meggitt is one of the few companies worldwide that provides such flight qualified sensors and electronics that function reliably and consistently in cryogenic environments.

We monitor virtually every parameter to provide detailed information on the condition of mission-critical equipment.

Our sensors and monitoring systems are designed to operate in the extreme environment of space. They survive the harsh conditions present in a launch vehicle during lift-off and still make sensitive measurements required during flight.

Meggitt produces a full range of sensors for use in high pressure liquid oxygen/hydrogen environments. These sensors can withstand temperatures from -253oC to +780°C (-423°F to +1436°F), pressures up to 250 bar, and vibration up to 10,000g.

Meggitt’s sensing and monitoring solutions are uniquely tailored to the needs of the space industry. Our systems are used throughout the project life-cycle from ground testing to earth orbit. They are recognised worldwide as benchmarks in monitoring space devices and supporting scientific research.

Typical monitoring solutions for space applications:

  • Vibration across a wide thermal environment
  • Monitoring propulsion and structural systems
  • Monitoring the aero-thermodynamic, acoustic of launch vehicle systems
  • Displacement, relative and absolute vibration, turbine rotational speed during engine stage separation and dynamic pressure of the engine’s liquid oxygen and hydrogen turbo-pumps
  • Absolute vibration and dynamic pressure of the engine’s gas generator and output nozzle
  • Absolute vibration of the solid propellant booster
  • Shocks on pyrotechnic devices
  • Modal analysis

The Vibro-Meter® range of accelerometers includes the following features:

  • Cryogenic temperature capability: -253°C to +125°C (-423°F to +257°F)
  • Extreme temperature capability: -253°C to +780°C (-423°F to +1436°F)
  • Acceleration: 0.1g to 5,000g

The Vibro-Meter® range of dynamic pressure sensors includes the following features:

  • Compatible with LOX and LH2
  • Operating extremes temperatures from -253°C to +780°C (-423°F to +1436°F)
  • Dynamic range up to 250 bar
  • Compatible with high- pressure liquid oxygen and hydrogen

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