Dynamic pressure sensors

Dynamic pressure sensors measure combustion instability in gas turbine combustion chambers


Complete dynamic pressure measurement chains in virtually any aerospace environment

To offer you a high performance in extreme environments, our dynamic pressure sensors incorporate our core piezoelectric technology. The varying pressure applied on the sensor’s membrane applies force on the piezoelectric sensing element, which in turn generates electrical charges proportional to the pressure pulsation.

Our gas turbine dynamic pressure sensors are used over a wide dynamic range and can incorporate active acceleration compensation to improve signal to noise ratio.

The electrical charges generated by the sensing element need to be converted into a voltage or current output for further processing. Depending on the application, this is performed either directly inside the sensor (integrated electronics piezoelectric – IEPE standard) or further away on the measurement chain (for high temperature locations). In that case, the use of a special high temperature mineral insulated cable and/or lower temperature “low noise” cable to reliably convey the electrical charges up to a remote charge converter is necessary.

Features and benefits

  • Custom designs
  • Hermetically sealed construction
  • Stainless steel, titanium or inconel housing
  • Very high signal/vibration noise ratio
  • No cooling required
  • Very high reliability – comparable with accelerometer
  • High frequency measurement capability (from 2Hz to 15KHz)
  • Extreme temperature operating range capability (from -269°C up to 780°C)


Our dynamic pressure transducers are used in these applications:

  • Combustion optimisation in gas turbines
  • Monitoring of combustion chamber rumble
  • Monitoring of jet pipe screech/buzz
  • Stall/surge detection or avoidance/active control
  • Jet pipe resonance detection on engines for military applications
  • Space applications.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a sensing and monitoring solution that is specific to your aerospace application and can be further customised to your particular requirements. To discuss what you need in more detail, contact us.

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