Reliable and safe vibration monitoring for helicopters

Helicopter operators need safety, reliability and availability.

Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) provide valuable information about the airframe, engine and other helicopter systems and help to improve flight safety. You can increase aircraft availability, extend component life and minimise downtime with Meggitt’s sensing and monitoring solutions.

Flight crew and maintenance staff can gain the most advanced picture on helicopter health ever achieved with our products. They are built on over 60 years’ experience in aircraft engine monitoring and 25 years’ experience in developing sensors and electronics for helicopter HUMS. Your technical personnel can use our systems to detect serious problems at an early stage – helping them to perform preventative maintenance, enhance quality and reduce costs.

We can offer you sensing excellence, processing know-how, skilled manufacturing and proven integration experience on sensing and data acquisition. Our systems enable you to measure virtually every parameter: acceleration, speed, pressure, force, temperature, distance, position, vibration and level, performing in almost unimaginable extremes of heat and vibration.

Typical monitoring solutions for helicopter applications:

Our Vibro-Meter® products are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the helicopter market. We work closely with all the major helicopter OEMs and our systems are used on the majority of civil and military helicopter programmes, including: CH-47, CH-53, H155, H160, H225/225M, NH90, UH-60, S-76D/S-92 and AC352.

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Our sensing and monitoring solutions for helicopters include:

We supply the complete measurement chain to monitor, record and trend a helicopter's usage and performance.

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At Meggitt, we can provide you with a sensing and monitoring solution that is specific to your aerospace application and can be further customised to your particular requirements. To discuss what you need in more detail, contact us.


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